Maryland Continuing Education Course: (Legislative (A)) DL/Maryland Legal Update

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Maryland CE:(Legislative (A)) DL/Maryland Legal Update

(Legislative (A)) DL/Maryland Legal Update

3.0 Total hours
0.0 Elective hours
3.0 Mandatory hours

Staying up to date on all the local laws that affect you, directly and indirectly, is vital to the career of a real estate professional. Knowing how to discuss new legislation, speaking plainly with hesitant consumers, and really grasping how state and local laws affect the industry as a whole can change how you think, act, and speak about real estate.

This course covers new legislation in Maryland for 2020 relating to the real estate industry, including various law additions and amendments.

Maryland Legal Update is designed to bring real estate professionals current in Maryland real estate legislation. 

Course highlights include:

  • The Maryland Real Estate Commission’s mission, powers, and duties, including an extension of its authority
  • Property taxes credits and how they apply to veterans, disabled militarty personnel and their spouses, historic revitalization projects, and other development projects
  • Lease options and when they end
  • Home Builder Guaranty Fund Award limitations
  • License reciprocity
  • New signage penalties
  • Changes to ground lease legislation
  • Recording of deeds, assignment of rents and leases, recording of easements, covenants, and restrictions
  • A new fair housing protected class: source of income
  • New continuing education requirements
  • Mobile notary legislation
  • New rules for mobile home dealers
  • Legislation impacting common interest communities, property insurance for leased property, and recording in land records of easements, CC&Rs